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"Thank you for helping me with the job search. [My new employer] found my application online. I was invited to the interview and was hired the same day. Thank you!"
Marina V. in Baltimore, MD

"SchoolSpring was a great help in broadening my search area. I found employment opportunities from private schools that I otherwise would not have known about. It was an easy tool that helped me throughout the job seeking process. While ultimately I did not use the site to find my current employment position, I did make connections with potential employers from the site. I will definitely use it again in future job searches."
Marcella M. in Silver Spring, MD

"Thanks for you help. I saw a post on SchoolSpring and contacted the school, had an interview, and was offer the position."
Kia D. in Brandywine, MD

"I am so grateful that SchoolSpring made the process so easy and commend you on a job well done on setting up this website for educators. "
Netta K. in Linthicum, MD

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I was able to have a wonderful interview with a private school in my area! I was offered the job and accepted it. I love how SchoolSpring made the process so easy. SchoolSpring is great for when you are relocating across the country!"
Courtney G. in Annapolis, MD

"I had been unemployed for three months, and seeking a job in education preferably as a teacher when I first signed onto SchoolSpring. In less than six months, a school system discovered my resume on SchoolSpring and invited me to apply. Five weeks later, I find myself teaching in the 3rd quarter of the school year with a guaranteed position for the next school year. It has been a long process but I appreciate that SchoolSpring offers a specific, tailor-made job search engine for career seekers in the education field."
Chanette H. in Baltimore, MD

"I received two job offers and will begin my new position in August. SchoolSpring was very helpful in walking me through the resume process. The variety of job posting in one place made the search much easier and saved hours of search time."
Virginia D. in Bowie, MD

"I got the job I really wanted! Thanks, SchoolSpring! You need to advertise more-- I've been telling lots of people about your site and almost nobody's heard of you. I only found you because somebody told me about you."
Laurie P. in Westminster, MD

"Very pleased with your website. It was through your website that I first heard about the vacancy that I have since filled."
Martha H. in Bel Air, MD

"I had been searching for a job in the education field for 2 years. I wanted to give up, but now i have found a great job, thanks!"
Monique J. in Parkville, MD

"If you put in exactly what you want, this website will give you what you need. I placed my information on my profile and saved all my hard copies with me. I put in everything I do and what I'm doing now and found me a job. Persistence and patience is key. "
Jina W. in Capitol Heights, MD

"SchoolSpring made the process much easier to find relevant positions. My first job interview turned out to be the perfect fit!"
Rhonda D. in Baltimore, MD

"Have been hired as the social studies middle school teacher at [my new employer] in Washington, DC. Thanks for your help and the ease of applying for positions."
Allen B. in Baltimore, MD

"This was the best job search for teaching that I have used this year. I am registered with 5 different job search websites where I entered job search criteria to a search agent. SchoolSpring is the only site to send me emails that were specific to my search agent. All of the information collected was pertinent to the job application process. As an educator, I appreciate your service."
Michelle M. in Lanham, MD

"I loved the method used for letters of recommendation. Very easy way to have my teachers from college send me their stuff without having to pay for postage!"
Kristin B. in Baltimore, MD

"This is a good site. I was only interested in jobs with the Archdiocese of Washington and they use this site."
Mary B. in Silver Spring, MD

"Thank you for all of the help!"
Daniel R. in Pasadena, MD

"Very easy to use the site to seek out new jobs and apply for those that are applicable."
Jessica O. in Joppa, MD

"The process made me aware of the openings that pertained to me and I was able to quickly get my new teaching job. Thanks SchoolSpring."
Suze N. in Baltimore, MD

"I learned about the career fair from SchoolSpring back in December. I'll be doing exactly what I want to do! Thank you, SchoolSpring!"
Judy P. in Kensington, MD

"I am now a full-time teacher. I am very pleased with the outcome and with SchoolSpring. Thanks for all of the help. You not only helped me with my resumes and job hunting, you gave me my confidence back again. Thanks again and again."
Sallie P. in Baltimore, MD

"I signed up for SchoolSpring because it was a free search engine for teaching positions. As a result of SchoolSpring I was able to find my dream job. I couldn't be happier with the website. Thank you SchoolSpring!!"
Katherine M. in Frederick, MD

"This site is EXTREMELY User Friendly. Really appreciate the convenience of not having to complete a new application for each position I apply for, but still having the option to update any portion i may need to. My favorite part are the updates I receive whenever there is a new position available that matches my criteria."
Davalas H. in Pikesville, MD

"I found my position that will support my passion of working with Title 1 schools through using SchoolSpring."
Hope M. in Laurel, MD

"SchoolSpring helped me get my resume and teaching credentials in the hands of hiring school districts and hiring principals! Thanks SchoolSpring for getting me on the right path to my ideal teaching job!"
Barbara R. in Pasadena, MD

"I saw the posting through SchoolSpring and applied. I was hired for the job a few weeks later :)"
Tina L. in Maryland

"After barely a month of applications, I had over 15 interviews in two weeks and multiple job offers in one weekend, all through SchoolSpring. Thank you for the intuitive set up of the website and the professional appearance of your applications on the school end. Much better than other teacher application sites I have used. "
Danina G. in Hyattsville, MD

"I did not find my new job on SchoolSpring but I REALLY liked that when I was unemployed I could apply so easily for positions once the initial application was completed."
Dawnnette B. in Joppa, MD

"SCHOOLSPRING is AWESOME! Thank you so much for your diligence and wonderful site. "
Patricia R. in Baltimore, MD

"I accepted a job as a Paraeducator. I'm still actively searching for a teaching position and update my SchoolSpring information on a regular basis. SchoolSpring has been a great help in finding my current job and the job that I dream about, being a classroom teacher!"
Stephanie H. in White Marsh, MD

"The process for applying and finding my new job was so easy! The application was very user-friendly and when I had a question the customer service rep was very helpful. Everything went through faster than I thought! I am very excited to start my new job as a first grade teacher! "
Aprell A. in Windsor Mill, MD

"I did not find my new job through SchoolSpring but I still really like this site and I have recommended others to this site!"
Whitney H. in Windsor Mill, MD

"The process was great using SchoolSpring to locate jobs that were available. I was able to narrow the search in order to focus on the specific job I was looking for. The entire process of locating a job, interviewing and getting hired was 3 weeks."
Torrie K. in Gwynn Oak, MD

"The Extended Search Results feature of SchoolSpring has been a great help to my job search. Without it, I would have know found out about the openings at [my new employer], even though it is a town over from where I worked this past school year."
Jaron H. in Baltimore, MD

"SchoolSpring had emailed me lots of possible options. Thanks for your help SchoolSpring- I'll recommend this site to others!"
Anna V. in Silver Spring, MD

"SchoolSpring played a huge part in helping me find a teaching job. I constantly received e-mails with available jobs and was fortunate enough to be contacted for interviews for several of the jobs."
Jennifer B. in Towson, MD

"Thank you. I have found a full-time teaching position. SchoolSpring was a big help."
Kimberly M. in Baltimore, MD

"Total props to SchoolSpring! I would never have known [about my new job] otherwise, despite being in my old home area."
Robert C. in Baltimore, MD

"Thank you for providing support in the job world to both job seekers and employers - I found my new position through your website. Thank you for your help - I will recommend you to friends!"
Kimberly U. in Columbia, MD

"SchoolSpring allowed me to apply to jobs in an easy and convenient way. It was great being able to have my references posted entirely electronically. The email alerts helped me stay on top of my job search! Thank you for creating a great website service and allowing educators to use the basic option free of charge!!"
Ashley D. in North Bethesda, MD

"After submitting many applications, I was contacted almost immediately by Jackson County Public Schools. I was called in for an interview and hired as an Elementary School Counselor the next day. Thanks SchoolSpring!!!"
Rebecca N. in Baltimore, MD

"I would like to thank SchoolSpring for providing an easy to use and effective interface for teachers and schools to use to find each other. Today, I accepted a maternity leave position at Amherst Regional High School. I am so excited to work at such a great school. I would not have found about this great position without SchoolSpring."
Jaron H. in Baltimore, MD

"Finally back home with a job in a great school!!!!"
Juan H. in Baltimore, MD

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